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Papua New Guinea - Kids cheer when hearing God can defeat Satan

"the clubbers did not want to go home"

Awana welcomes a new Awana TruthSeekers club in Papua New Guinea!  Over eight years ago when we moved into the Nalepa village to begin developing the Awana TruthSeekers program, the people here thought they knew everything about religion there was to know. There were two village churches; both thinking their religion was the right one.

 However, there are several tribes living in the villages that surround us, and they all, whether they went to church or not, feared the spirits which they thought caused all their sickness, death, and tragedies. They thought these spirits were more powerful than anything or anyone else. They worshiped different gods that they hoped would give them good things, but no one could save them from the evil spirits.

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Kaula, a woman determined to see her village children know the truth, got an Awana club started. Just weeks after club started, she shared the following with us, “The clubbers didn’t want to go home last night. It was getting dark so they had to light the lanterns so they could see.

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After the lesson, they had so many questions, some being, “You mean God is more powerful than Satan?,” “You mean God is more powerful than my parents?,”  “You mean when someone dies, their spirit can’t come back and hurt us?,” and “Are you sure you are telling us the truth about this?”  When Kaula assured them that God’s Word was very clear about this and that God does not lie, they cheered! We were thrilled! We had prayed a long time for the many children around us who were growing up following the ways of their parents.”


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