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Awana -TWR Nepal partnership

Radio teams up with Awana to bring hope to kids

TWR-Nepal & Awana Club Nepal is not only addressing the spiritual aspect of Children needs but also physical. TWR & Awana Nepal has been involved in holistic ministry to reach the Children at risk. Our purpose behind doing all these things is to show God’s love in action to bring the gospel to these Children.

Currently, there is a one slum school has been sponsored where 54 deprived slum children are studying regularly in this school. Our partner local Church is running it so faithfully and passionately. These children not only are receiving the formal education from/through the means of this school, but also receiving lesson on spiritual, ethical and health and hygiene.  90% of these children comes from non-Christian family. They just started the first Awana club in this slum.

nepal school teacher

It is amazing that 80% of children from our school attend the Awana club in this slum area regularly. There is a Children BAL Batika listeners club established in this slum area. They are constantly fed and nurtured with God’s word. Each of them are taught Bible stories, hymns and chorus every day. They are taught to pray. All the children in this school can sing hymns and chorus.  Our Partner Church is doing tremendous job to up bring the Children in knowledge of God.

The director of slum school was telling his experience about Non-Christian Parents of the slum Children of school who often say with amazement, “Sir what has your school been doing to our Children?  They pray before eating their meal, before sleeping and before doing home work. They even sing hymns.”

Our Partner Church is also taking care of cleanliness of children in the slum school. Water supply is acute shortage in entire Katmandu Cities. However, once in a week, children cleanliness is taken well care of by giving the good baths. It is very much important because of uncleanness; children are often infected by skin diseases like scabies and sores.

Children are enjoying the study. They are really so much happy having this opportunity to study. Parents are also happy to see their children go to school and the changes to children in the areas of moral, health and hygiene and spiritual.


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