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Jane's Journey With Awana


Ms. Lida’s Awana group was a haven for Jane. As a young teen, several friends invited her to attend, and she loved every minute. On October 30, 2005, Jane accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. From that moment forward, her neighborhood in Binalbagan (Philippines) has never been the same.

Jane’s Awana leader observed the change:

Jane enjoyed Awana and started to see opportunities to serve God at her young age. When she was in high school, she decided to become a small group leader. Soon after, Jane became our regular Game Time leader.

Seeing her potential and seriousness in helping others know Christ and grow in Christ, we started to do one-on-one training with her.We sent her regularly to Awana leadership trainings.We prayed for and discipled her, hoping that she would become a good Awana leader and maybe a program director someday.

That hope has become a reality. Today, Jane serves as the program director of her church, working with 17 leaders and sharing the gospel with more than 100 girls and boys. The young woman’s heart for Christ comes through loud and clear in her own words:

I found out that Awana is not only about knowing God, but also learning to love and to serve Him. Through God’s grace, I found myself where God wants me to be, an Awana leader. As one of my heroes said,“If you’ve already tasted the sweetness of John 3:16 in your lives, how about others? How about your family? How about those kids?” There God gave me a burden of sharing the gospel through Awana. I don’t know why me, but I thank God He chose me. But God didn’t end His miracle in me. Through Awana, God answers my prayers about my family. Now my mother and sisters have received Jesus as their Savior and even go to church with me.

This is what makes Awana so unique—something we could never plan or control—something provided through the grace of God. God uses ordinary people like Jane—and like you—to reach into the hearts of boys and girls around the world and gives them the gift of eternal life. Jane says,

God’s Word always reminds me that God uses ordinary people for sharing HisWord. And praise God for what He has done in my life through the help of our faithful Awana leaders and supporters in our church.We are able to continue the ministry of Jesus in our church. Thank God for this heart. Thank God for this opportunity. Thank God for the salvation. I will continue to serve the Lord in His strength.

Think of all the children who will be changed through Jane’s ministry . . . and there are hundreds of “Janes” around the world because of your faithful support of Awana International. Thank you for allowing God to use you in mighty ways through your gifts and your prayers!



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