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Six Thermometers and Blessings


This year we have six large thermometers being made by an artistic man in our church. There will be one for each of our Two Cubbies Clubs, Two Sparks Clubs and One T&T Adventure and One T&T Challenge (which we call PAK)  $250 is marked on each of the thermometers and the clubbers will strive to meet the challenge. Leaders are also encouraged to give and they often bring loose change to give to new children to put in the AAC offering.

We take an end of year AAC offering at the closing ceremony. I always present what we have given during the year to our AAC and other projects. Then we share how blessed we are to live in a country of plenty where our children can attend Awana, but that there are many children around the world who don’t have this opportunity without our help. We want to help them come to know and love Jesus! We always have quite a large offering at the end of our closing ceremony, which all goes to AAC. I will show the video “Give me one chance to hear” during the year as well!

A few years back there was a set of twins who were so moved by the needs of kids around the world to hear about Jesus that they went home, talked to their parents and brought a check for $300. This was an un-churched family! Wow!


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