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Nepal - My family was from Hindu community

New Awana leader in Nepal loves training!

I would like to reveal honor to our Lord for you, your prayer and financial help for Awana Ministry in our Prasansa Christian Church. We would like to thank you very much for your effort of seeing many children of our community coming in lord.

My family was from a Hindu community. My parents and grandparents used to worship Hindu goddesses. There are several ethinic groups like Chaudhary (Tharu), Aachami, Bramin, Nepali, Chhetri and others. The majority of people have not accepted Christ.

I was also born into this same Hindu family. I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior six years ago and baptize five years ago. From then I got opportunity to work in Children fellowship from same year. I have now started to help our pastor and elders in house fellowships and also in women fellowships.

I found that I was not being able to work with the children fellowship effectively, but now I believe this training will enable me. There are few programs in our church. Not only do we have the children of our own church but also many poor orphans who have not heard the Gospel properly about Jesus Christ.

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During the Seed Planters’ training, I was able to learn many things. I also learned how to communicate the Gospel effectively. I also got a clear vision of spreading God’s word. I learned how to make game time, bible study time and establish Lord’s kingdom.

Bimala's prayer Requests:

  • That our children would be obedient and live faithful lives
  • For my eldest and younger brother's salvation
  • For the children whom I have shared God’s word with, that they would know Him and all the teachers and students of Shree Kalika Primary Scholl would give their lives to Christ.
  • For the parents of the children might be able to know Jesus Christ.


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