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India - Awana game time gives birth to new church

Ajoy Mahali used to be a Torch clubber...

Ajoy Mahali used to be a Torch Clubber some years back. Now, he is an active member of Awana Children’s Church. It was here Ajoy’s life got transformed through the ministry of Awana. He gave his life to the Lord by accepting Him as his personal Lord and Savior.

Today, the Lord is using him in a very special way. He is passionate about prayer. The Lord has gifted him a hand of healing touch and his passion is to pray for people. All the church-goers and villagers even ask or go to him for Prayer, and he is always available to them to render the service. Many were healed and are being healed.

The Lord is using him mightily. Pastor Sayal Syangden from Anugrah Mandali, close to this Church in the Tea Garden, takes care of the Church.  According to Pastor, 13 adults and 22 Children have been Baptised after they took the decision for the Lord.

Lovingly called “The Children’s Church”, Awana Game Time gave birth to this Church in 2003. Since then the church is living and growing too, and for the record third time this bamboo hut has been dismantled and extended to accommodate children and their parents.  The ratio of parents and children attending the church is almost the same today.  Ajoy is being trained and preparing to be the first Pastor of this Church not many years from now! PRAY for him...


Ajoy Mahali (standing) sharing
recently in a Children’s Church in
Siliguri, West Bengal. Awana
Games gave birth to this Church
seven years ago. Today, the Clubbers
and their parents too attends
this Church every Tuesday morning
from 9:00 am to 11:00 am since it is
an off day for the Tea Garden workers.
Seven years old and growing!


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