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Guatemala - "I know God has a great purpose for my life"

New Awana leader in Guatemala

First of all I am very thankful to God for the opportunity of enjoying myself in this wonderful event, because, I got to learn many things I didn’t know before and most of all I feel really bless and I know I have a different character, I want to tell you something, I wasn’t thinking on coming to this event, but thanks to God and my pastor I am here, and because I know God has a great purpose for my life and because I want to work with children.

I was feeling very confused and I think the purpose for me to be here is because God wants me out of a great depression, for me to preach the good news to many people who don’t know God.

I want to tell you that the enemy has been fighting with me to get me away from God’s paths; I have had many trials but thanks be to God that had been always by my side and that is why I am so thankful to God for this event because it has been a blessing to me, I have enjoy myself with the teaching of the Word of God and the games and with the brothers and sisters that are very nice.


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