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World cup soccer

A different kind of "world cup" happening in Africa

Big soccer names and countries were appearing on the scene with so many predictions of which team is going to be the number one in the world. Africa on the other hand was expecting much from the African teams that were competing. The likes of Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Ghana, South Africa and Algeria were participating hoping that one of them would reach the finals.

Most of the African teams bowed out of the group stage and fell short of our expectations. Only Ghana went as far as the quarter finals and became the pride of Africa with their performance. This tournament was not only a disappointment to Africa but to the whole world. Big names like Brazil, Italy, England and France also bowed out of the tournament pretty early than expected.

ghana world cup

A team that was not known in the world cup history that lost the first match in the group stage became the winning team, Spain followed by the team that lost only one match, which is the final match Netherlands. In this world cup only one team is a winner. There is another world cup that is happening in Africa. Awana seed planters has taken the African continent by storm. What we are experiencing now, we never thought about it three years ago.

But today there is an incredible growth and call for Awana as one of the number one children ministry in Africa. We have more countries and churches waiting for their opportunity. We have calls from Bukinafaso, Cote d’voire, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Nigeria and Democratic of Republic of Congo. Some of the challenges are French materials that we do not have yet in our new LBS Leaders based program. These counties range from Southern Africa to East Africa as far as West Africa.

The six countries that we launched the LBS program are exploding with growth and Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia have grown by over 100%, even with such phenomenal growth. We are just stretching the surface. I have just come from Tanzania to meet with Bishop Magulla who has a network of more than a 1000 churches. When l shared with him about Awana and the potential to reach boys and girls, mums and dad using that seed planters strategy. He was so excited and said these churches could have Awana by the end of the year if resources were available. Brothers and sisters l am convinced that Africa is fertile soil for investment to change the face of Africa for the better Africa tomorrow.

In the world cup of winning boys and girls, its not only one team wins, all of God’s people like you, who have stood with us in prayer and financial support. The apostle Paul says, “There is one who plants and another waters but it is God who gives the increase.” Thank you for being a partner, a player and a winner in this tournament of Kingdom.

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