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Leaders traveled 50 km

Was it worth it?

One day some leaders from our Awana club decided to start new Awana club in Minkovtsy village and they’ve done it!  Each Sunday they drove about 50 km for doing Awana club there.  They did all their best but didn’t see changes in the local children.

Leaders had been doing Awana meets for 2 years and one day they asked themselves if it is worthy to keep going and doing Awana there.  But this summer they decided to do the summer camp for children from that village and some neighbouring villages.

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One evening they did the evening meet and proposed children to accept Jesus into their hearts. How they were surprised when one girl 13-14 years old came and prayed God with tears. She asked God to forgive her and it was so sincere that all leaders were deeply touched.

After this leaders understood that their ministry wasn't useless and it was very good encouragement for them. God has shown them just part of the results of their ministry for giving them hope and faith for further work among and for children.


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