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Sunday school is not enough

Couple in the Ukraine love Awana!

Here is a testimony from Elena and Aleksandr Tischenko...“We are from Rasdelnoe city, Odessa oblast. We have 3 very active children, who like sport and games a lot. Looking at them we understand that it is not enough for them just attend the Sunday school.

There are many activities for adults in our church but for children there is only Sunday school in Sunday. So, we decided to find out other children’s programs. Our pastor told us a little bit about Awana Minsitry and we decided to attend this Conference. We were glad to participate in it.

Two other young people came with us and they also were very excited about such  wonderful ideas for serving and teaching children. It is really very good program and we will do it in our church. We hope it helps our children to know more about God and they will grow up in Christian atmosphere.”


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