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Czech Bible Quiz is a little special!

"Czech" out how kids in the Czech Republic do their Racing Quiz!

Our Czech Bible Quiz is a little special the second part, Speed Quiz - is very similar to yours. The first part, Racing Quiz - is completely different. The teams consist of three kids are running around 10 operated positions outside, e.g. in a park.

czech 2

There are leader - judges on each position to get to kids a question of various type (all team of three kids are answering by mouth of their captain, or each player answers on different question etc.).  Sparks especially love this type of competition because it isn’t so stressful as Speed Quiz. Sparks have only Racing Quiz. Then Bible Quiz continue by Speed Quiz for two older categories - Flames and Torches inside.  Praise The Lord for all kids who left Pardubice with new excitement to know God in Christ.


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