Clubs Just Like Yours

Awana clubs in the darkest places

The police won't even go there...

One exciting potential is that leaders who work in a troubled section of Guayaquil, Ecuador are planning an Awana club in the street there. This area is full of fugitives, drug lords, gang leaders, witches and just bad people.

The area is divided into two sections, ruled by different gang leaders. Anyone who crosses the street to the other side is shot. Human (baby) sacrifices are practiced there – sacrificing to Satan.

flag of guayaquil

Guayaquil's Flag

It is the worst kind of place you can imagine, then even worse. The police will not go there. Due to the two gangs, there will be two clubs, one on each side. The people who minister there are respected and need your prayers. They cannot cross from one side to the other. They are hoping that they can see God bring the two sides together. We are looking for a great story in the future, better than the one from The Cross and the Switchblade.


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