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AWANA is an evidence of God's mercy for our church

AWANA has made an impact in our church

AWANA has made an impact in our church. It has helped the unity, organization, prayer life and growth of our children ministry staff. We had about 50 children when the Club was founded, now we have 110 children. Many parents that were not regularly attending church, have returned because of their children’s desire to come to the club meetings.

We can see changes and spiritual growth in the life of the children. Training them in memorizing Bible verses has helped them make good decisions outside of the church context. AWANA is an evidence of God’s mercy for this church. 

We have been blessed through this ministry by receiving a godly vision to do ministry with children. Our Kids are taught in the Word of God and their lives are positively changing. We truly believe this is the beginning of a new stage in the history.

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Claudia Peña Ocaña


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