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AWANA ministry has made a tremendous impact on our children

Thank God for Awana

The children ministry from Baptist church in Caney began the AWANA project while my family and I attended that church. It was a great blessing to my children. I began to see changes in their lives: a growing love for the Word of God and for church life that deeply touched my heart.

When we moved out to another house, we also had to move to a different church, which did not have AWANA club. As a result my children began to reject church attendance and I worried for not having a guidebook to teach them about God and the Bible. Some time later, AWANA club started in our new church and this brought a spiritual awakening in my children, I don’t have to insist them to get up on Sunday morning to go to church, or to read the Bible, this is something they would happily do, I can see the way they learn about God day by day and their lives are being changed.

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Lourdes Baez

I believe AWANA is an effective ministry and I thank God for the blessing of having it to talk to them about the Lord. They started to attend church and to the glory of God, they are now being discipled . AWANA ministry has made a tremendous impact on our children ministry and it has also offered an opportunity for others to commit to serve God.


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