Children at Risk

God is moving in Zambia

Awana comes to refugee camp

It is amazing what God is doing in Zambia and specifically in Meheba Refugee Resettlement. Something that we never dreamed about doing and we did not know on how it can work; but God in His own timing has ushered us into it.

It is with a gladsome heart that I want to share and testify that since the time we launched Leader-based Strategy (LBS) in Meheba Refuge Resettlement we have seen the Lord at work. Many refugee children who never had an opportunity to hear the Gospel are now being exposed to the Gospel.

More than 632 children have put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are seeing and hearing exciting testimonies of now even parents coming to salvation in the refugee settlement and about 332 parents have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ.

This all has happened through the Awana program since it started in Meheba Refugee Resettlement. Churches are growing and making an impact in Meheba and the surrounding areas. Through this Children-at-Risk Initiative, doors have opened to go to other countries from where the refugees have come from and are going back. Other ministries are also now calling us to partner with them to provide the training.

I am so grateful to the Lord for enabling the Awana International leadership to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit to launch this initiative. It has come at the best time than it would have been if it came at another time than this one and I am pleased to share that God has enabled Awana to continue to be strategically positioned in making an eternal impact. The impact of what the Lord is doing in Meheba, Zambia through the Children-At-Risk Initiative is being proclaimed in many parts of the country, and more invitations even within the settlement by churches who missed the first LBS Launch. I can candidly confess that we would have not launched the LBS work in the refugee settlement if the Children-At-Risk Initiative did not come up.

 The Children-At-Risk Initiative is a divine and timely step in Zambia. Many children are getting saved and being discipled, and more will be impacted and exposed to the Gospel.

I give thanks and praise to God for all the ministry partners and sponsors of this initiative. You are making an eternal impact in Zambia, and the surrounding countries represented in the resettlement of refugees, for Jesus.



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