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Kate found Jesus because of Awana clubs

Clubber attends for 3 years then repents

Thank you very much for supporting and participating in Awana Ministry in Ukraine. We appreciate your financial help without which we couldn’t do this ministry. But we keep working and reaching children because of God’s help, freedom in our country and because of your help.

We wish you could see the work of our Awana clubs. There are many testimonies of people who came to Christ because of Awana Ministry and about leaders who have been passing a long way that God has been leading them.

This month I have visited a conference for leaders who work with teenagers. There were people from all over Ukraine and I did an Awana presentation for them and had personal meets with participants. One young lady Kate told me that she came to Jesus because of Awana clubs.


When she was a child she liked sport games and that is why she started to visit Awana club in her local school where “Voskresenie” Lutsk church did  Awana meets. So, she had been attending the club for 3 years. Then she repented, became the member of the local church and was proposed to be the leader at the Awana club.

They also did Awana meets for the neighbouring village, and Lipiny and Kate had been doing it also for several years.  Now she is married and attends another church where her husband is from. She decided to tell everybody at her new church her testimony and emphasized how important the Awana Ministry is. It was very encouraging moment for me and other people who were present at that conference. Praise the Lord!


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