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Personal attention

Each clubber needs a one on one connection

I would like to tell you how God works in Ukraine.  I’ve got this story from a region... in Vershyno-Kamenka village Awana did the children’s camp. There wasn’t a church at that village and the camp was  reaching children and their parents with the Gospel. On the first day we understood that something was wrong because children were communicating badly with each other. 

The problem was that the village is rather long distances and children seldom get together and don’t have common interests.  There also was a boy, Sergey, who kept away from other children. During the Bible lesson he went out and sat behind the tree. As we found out later, he was afraid of Yura, one of the leaders.

ukrain one on one

Then we did the meeting and discussed how to unite children and leaders to be one team because there is no Awana club without unity. So after this meeting, we did more personal communications with children and formed groups. At the end of the camp we have seen the results – Sergey and Yura became best friends and are still friends. Yura who wanted to lead, now unites the group and is good example for others.

This story tells us that we need to pay more personal attention to each single child. The changes that we then see are the best reward for leaders. Because of that camp, parents of that children came to seek God.


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