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Evil spirits...


Greeting to all the team of Balbatika. My name is Manoj Chaudhary. I have two small sisters with my mom and dad. I am 14 years old and just studying in grade 5. For a long time, I have suffered from an evil spirit, but now it's little bit ok.  From my childhood, I used to have nightmares, evil speaking in dreams and liked to stay alone. I had got many types of sickness in my body.

I was weak in physically and spiritually, so that it affects my mental as well as to my study too. Those bad dreams always used to play in my mind and I was always in fear. For my treatment, my parents spent lot of money in witch doctors but I was never cured.

A few months ago, I got an opportunity to listen the children's program Balbatika through radio. The program was done in a very dramatic way. Through the program, I came to know that through prayer, Jesus can heal sick people and redeem from evil spirits. radio nepal

I got an address of the office. I started to write a letter and also I was informed about the other radio programs produce by TWR Nepal. Not only me, but I asked for prayer for my parents too. I sent my prayer request to the office and through their prayer, I am improving.

Now I am so excited and started to join the nearby Church. They are also praying regularly for me. I accepted Lord Jesus as my personal savior. I would like to say thanks the team of Balbatika and Awana, who produces such a wonderful program. Please pray for my health speedy recovery.


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