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HIV Orphans in Nepal

Awana leaders find practical ways to show the love of Jesus

We visited Western Nepal on 28 Sept 2010. The purpose of our visit to the children with HIV Aids and Orphan children whose parents had died with HIV AIDS in  far west Nepal is to show the God’s love in action/practical way so that  they may learn  the hope, love and eternal life in Jesus Christ.

In our visit, we visited Malakheti and Olani of Kanchanpur, where we met 17 and 57 children respectively of ages 6-16 whose parents were infected by HIV/AIDS. Most of these children do not have either father or mother who died with HIV Aids (single parent). And among them 18 kids have HIV+ve virus in them. All of these children are from very poor back ground. Their Parents work as a daily wage labor to look after the children and themselves. We organized two programs among these 74 HIV Aids infected and affected children in two places.

hiv kids 2

TWR-Nepal national director shared the gospel story about God’s eternal love and His value to the children. Also, we also showed the Awana children visual DVD (gospel movie) called Prerana  through the projector. We sensed that they were so much excited and encouraged to hear the God’s love and concern that never fails. We hope this kind of message definitely have been proved a balm in their broken and weary heart.

They thoroughly enjoyed the Awana children visual CD (gospel songs. We distributed the candies and fruits in Attaria and simple lunch in Olani. Then,we distributed stationary items like exercise books, pencil; sharpener, ball pens and school bags to 74 HIV infected and affected Children in two groups. This little help has become a great source of encouragement to these desperate & needy children. As there were many kids that have had a desire to study but because of their low financial background and also their parents were infected of HIV, they could not afford for their continued education. After we distributed the stationary goods and food with chicken soup they were really happy. The reflection of joy and happiness was obvious on their faces. That gave us immense pleasure in our souls knowing the fact we could do some thing good for these children.

hiv kids1

We praise God for the donors who made this possible to happen. Many of the children said that now they will go back to school and study again. The children thanked us for our effort to help them for their education.

We also distributed the Awana Children booklet (cartoon format) titled "God's only way to heaven”. We hope and pray to God that this booklet along with constant follow up from our local Church will lead many of these children to know the Lord Jesus and true meaning of life. It is interesting that some of these kids now are willing to come to the church and even the parents also want to send their kids for the Sunday school. They also asked us to pray for their health and for their family too.

It is our heart desire that we along with our partner Churches continue to serve these Children spiritually and physically. Also form the Awana clubs and Children Sunday school in local Churches. Ultimately, our heart beat is to lead them to the Lord. Praise God that local Churches are so much positive and willing to cooperate us in this venture!


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