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Christ defeats Satan in Cuba

12 year old girl comes out of darkness

Karla is a girl as young as 12 living in Quivicán, Havana province. She grew up in a household where none of the immediate family are believers in the Lord. In fact, the family practices "Santeria", a Satanic belief inherited from the ancestors African and widespread in Cuba.

Her family environment was violent, frequent family quarrels. Difficulties in within their home became so great that one day while her father beat her mother, a relative of her mother came in with a knife and stabbed to death the father of Mary Karla in her presence, regardless of the fact she was watching this horror. 

Karla came to the Awana program at the Local Church in a suffering, dark, unstable, violent place. A drug treatment plan was prescribed by a psychiatrist. 

Dealing with her life was a challenge for Awana leaders of that place. They spent time, prayer and love for this child. Little by little prayer and the Word of God began to take effect in her life. One day she chose to believe in the gospel message. She relied on the Lord and only Savior of her life.  

Leaders in the AWANA club testify about how he has changed life of this child. Her family recently held a ceremony of "Santeria" and they wanted her to participate. She told them she believed in Christ and did not need anything more that and went running into the church to prevent the family from forcing her to participate in this ceremony. Her character has become friendly and smiling. It is no longer the violent, dark girl.

When asked about her past, she says she has no father on earth but has a Father in Heaven who loves her. Today she is a happy, thanks to the love and acceptance that only God, through Christ and His love reflected in the leaders who faithfully serve Him, can give. She is involved in the activities of her church and has faithfully testified before dozens of people. God has also healed her body as she has fully recovered and her treatment with psychiatric drugs has been suspended!


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