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Pinoy na Pinoy

Awana Philippines uses a national celebration to bring more kids

Awana Pinoy na Pinoy ” This is the children’s way of taking part in the national celebration of Buwan ng Wika (Language Month).  Each team put up a booth with their choice of native products – Pinoy foods, fruits, vegetables & Pinoy na Pinoy distinct and unique equipment.

Also, there was a contest for the Pinoy na Pinoy Booth and Best in Display. To further heighten the Filipino spirit among the children, Pinoy games such as Patintero, Used tires relay, Karang Contest (coconut shells used as slippers) were played during Game Time. 

But the highlight of Game Time was when Ptr. Galano released a piglet for the clubbers to catch! Some of the children were persevering enough to catch the piglet others ran away and cried for they pity the poor little thing. Awana “Pinoy na Pinoy” is inevitably a successful event.

What made this event more successful is the additional members of Awana club. From 60-63 clubbers, the attendance grew to 76. Leaders were so thankful to God because He used the AWANA “Pinoy na Pinoy” Sunday to awaken not only the Patriotism among the children but also the hearts of some parents to send their children to AWANA.


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