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The story of a boy living in a slum

Duncan is a young boy living with both his parents in a slum called Kibera which is one of the largest slums in Africa. He is a grade four student at the local school in the slum area. None of his parents go to church. His father works in a local welding shop while his mother does not have a job. His mother only does casual jobs like going to wash clothes in other people’s houses and is paid a small amount of money, sometimes when she does not get that job she goes home empty handed and she only depends on the husband who is a drunkard. Every evening he comes home drunk and he start beating the wife together with the children.


Before joining Awana he used to hang out with a group of boys who were his friends and all they did was causing trouble, fighting with other boys. His mother had warned him severely concerning that behavior but he could not hear anything nor understand. He would always go and watch movies together with his friends, there is even one time he recalls they stole money from a shop and they ran away without any one knowing.

One day he was walking together with his friends as usual and they passed through a small church, he says that they saw children playing games and shouting, he was tempted to go and see but his friends were not interested, he later saw one of his school mates there who called him, he told his friends that he was only going to see what was happening and come back, neither did he know that that was going to be the start of a new Duncan in a new life.

He was interested with what was happening that he even forgot that he had friends who were waiting for him, they came and called him but he refused to go with them and remained at the program. He was very happy to be there, he was taught God’s word and it is in the Awana program that he got saved.                   

In Awana he went through many hard times because many of his friends despised him saying that Awana was not for people like him rather it was for kids, but I give praise to God because even though he had to go through that he did not lose his focus because he knew what was good about Awana.

He knew that God had brought Awana into his life so that he could know more about Him and live for him and change his life. Even though he was despised, he did not give up on telling his friends about the goodness of Awana, about how Awana had helped many kids who did not know about Christ and how it leads into salvation. With time they started coming to the program and they saw what Awana was all about.

His prayer to all other boys and girls all over the world is that God is going to open up their eyes so that they would know the importance of Awana and how hard it is working to reach the other boy and girl with gospel of Christ.


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