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Serious need for Awana Clubs in Venezuela

Children are struggling with many things

At the age of 17 I heard the Gospel trough North American missionaries, that through puppets and songs talked about Jesus Christ and what He did for us. Two years later I got involved in the Awana club in the church where I was attending. 18 years have passed and I been reaching and making disciples of the children in our community. I have to tell you that many of them are now leaders too; in different churches, and their own families serve God.

I also work with the trans-world Radio in Venezuela, 4 years ago we started taking the gospel to children in the schools and for many years we had had a radio program that airs in other countries in Latin America, especially to reach children. That’s why when I learn about this project of “seed planters” I thought that this is a tool to help pastors and leaders of this country to reach easily the children in their community.

The necessities are many in our children and the struggles they have each day are very serious because of family disintegration that is very common this days.

I think that in the same way this Awana program is helpful in my work of communicating the gospel, I considered this program is going to allow us reach more children in a faster way and their lives will be transformed.

Our country is made up of many people under 14 years of age, so this is a great challenge and this program is going to helps us embrace it.

Please pray to keep the passion of reaching children going, for God to give me ideas on things to do that are going to be a blessing for the children and for the leaders too.



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