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Girl from African Slum finds Jesus

Millicent is a young girl living with both her parents in the second largest slum in Africa called Kibera. She is a girl who is brought up in a slum environment, her mother goes to church but her father does not go.

Picture of slum that Millicent lives in

Her father does not like anything to do with church, he is a drunkard and every time after work he passes through an illicit brew shop drinks and when he comes home, it is like a war starting with the mother and even to the children.


She is a girl who has learned to survive the hard way because even going to school is trouble. She is chased from school because of the lack of school fees but her father does nothing to provide.  Her mother is the one who struggles for money to pay for their school fees.  She is a student at a local school called St. John, she is in grade seven. She joined Awana club this year. Having learned to survive the hard way, she grew up having to be a very cruel girl and a stubborn girl.  At school, her teachers could not tell her anything, she was very disobedient and even her classmates could not tell her anything.



If anyone did anything wrong to her, she fought the person, even if it were a boy. Her home is near the church where she goes for the Awana club.  She only used to look at other kids when they went for the Awana club, she despised them saying that what they were doing was childish, and she would always look at them and laugh at them. One day she was attracted by the games that were being played there, she decided to go and watch the games, she was welcomed into one of the teams and she joined in to participate. They finished games and she was told to go into a classroom with the other children, the lesson that was taught interested her that she decided to be coming every week.

 Millicent is in the green sweater

It is there that she got saved and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, she says in Awana she was taught the word of God and she understood it, she learned to be obedient and she is now a Godly girl. She has never misses any of the club’s meetings and goes to church every Sunday. Praise be to God!


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