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Awana leader in Ghana loves the games

Need to reach the youth is overwhelming

I am so grateful to the Almighty God and also to you, for both your prayers and wonderful support you gave us at our training program. Not only from me, but also from the children of whom I represent, I say a big and warm ‘African’ thank you.

I represent a school where the population is quite large. Children of this school come from all walks of life in different up bringing, church background etc. Most of whom are between the ages of 2 and 10. These are the ages where children need to hear the word of God and the Salvation message to shape their lives.

As you may be aware, Ghana is a circular country, hence a diverse religion. This is so in the community where the school is located. It is very necessary to save these children before they reach the ages where is will, or it will become very difficult to accept the Word of God.


Seed Planters Training in Ghana

I have learned much during the training program, it gave me much insight to the word of God and how dying souls can be saved. I now have in mind that nobody can do it, accept those who have been called (John 21:15-17). One thing I never thought of, and this is how children can be saved by using games and multivational method, this is very wonderful!


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