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Struggles in Ukraine

Children need the hope of Christ

Many centuries ago people thought that young generation caused the biggest problems to their society. One monk who lived in XII century said the following words: “Our world goes through an uneasy period of time now. Young people think and care only about themselves. They don’t respect parents and older people. They talk the way as though they know everything.”

It is really interesting. Aren’t we thinking the same way today? Don’t we see the challenges our young generation faces? Ukraine takes the first place of growth of HIV in Eastern Europe; many young people commit suicide every day, a lot of them live in difficult families and so on. We, as Christians, have two ways of facing this problem. One of them is to separate ourselves from all this problems and live in a comfort zone for us and another one is to go, tell, teach and bring more kids and youth and their parents to Christ.

When I hear the testimonies and see the life changes through the Awana ministry one more time I thank God that He continues the freedom in our countries. My prayer is that many young people and their parents would have a chance to hear about Jesus, that their lives would be changed, that our work for God wouldn’t be worthless. Let God give us wisdom, strength and love to continue doing the work on His field and proclaim the Gospel to the people around us. - Victor


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