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Gospel competing with what the world offers

In the Ukraine, the youth are being tempted by the world

Nowadays, Ukrainian clubs don’t have any religious obstacles.  We have a lot of Awana activities in our area.  We thank God for having freedom and being able to reach kids.

But there is another problem: the world attracts children by the variety of entertainments. That is why now it is not very easy to invite and bring kids to Awana clubs and there tell them about God.  Unfortunatly, the world carries them away very quickly.

The desire to be grown-up is rather strong and they listen and copy everything they watch at TV or hear from non-christian friends.  And although they are still children or teenagers they don’t want listen about God or play games at clubs. They think they are too adult for living a pure life.  

But our leaders don’t stop reaching these children. They try to find and do new intersting Awana activities for reaching children and inviting them to the clubs and churches. God also is working in teens hearts showing them they are not adults and it is not the time for them to live adult’s life.


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