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Manga, a 13 year old, shares a miracle

God is working in India!

My name is G.Manga. I am 13 years old and studying 7th class. My church name is Bethesda Evangelical Church. My father works in the farms. While I was studying 3rd class my father felt sick and when we took him to hospital doctors told that his blood content is very low and he will die if we don’t induce blood into his body.

We brought him to house as we are unable to pay the money to the hospital. Then my mother was crying, and our church Pastor John Hyde came to our house. He told us to bring my father to the church on this Sunday.

We took my father to the church every week for prayer and by the fourth week he was walking by himself. When we took him to hospital for blood test, doctors told us no need to induce any blood into his body.

God has done a wonderful miracle in our family. From then we started to attend to church regularly. I am going to Sunday school regularly in our church. God has saved my life in this way. He used Awana books,materials and by reading the verses in this book we are very much blessed.  Please pray for me and my parents. Thank You.



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