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He is Mighty to save!

This story will bring you to tears

My name is K.Sunil. My age is 11 years. I am studying 4th class.  My church name is Bethesda Evangelical Church. I am very backward in my studies. From my childhood I love Jesus Christ very much. My parents used to pray to Hindu Goddess. When I used to go for Sunday school my father used to beat me.

But then also I used to go for Sunday school regularly and pray to God. One day when my mother was crossing the road, a car from the otherside hit her on the head and she went to a comma stage. 


When we took to hospital doctors told us that she will not live any more. Then I took my church elders and prayed outside the hospital for 5 hours by fasting.  By next morning at 6:30 am my mother got her senses and she called me. I was very much happy.

Our God is very great that he saved my mother from dangerous situation and told to my church pastor. From that day on my father and mother also come to church regularly and give offerings also. We also took baptism. We run this Awana programme in our Sunday school regularly.

This last one year we have learned many verses,games and have known more things deeply about Jesus Christ. My thanks to Awana organization also. Please pray for me and my studies.


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