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If Awana hadn't started in our chuch...

Many children would be lost

My name is Martha and I am a student in Nepal. I am very much gratified by Awana. From the day of the training provided by Awana Club, I’ve got an opportunity to raise children of our church spiritually in Jesus Christ and also have been more helpful for improving church fellowship.

By this reason our children are now much encouraged and have understood that it is necessary to share God’s word whole over the world and should rise up the dead and distracted souls around the earth.

By coming in Awana club, children are now able to study and memorize bible verses. All this inspiration goes to Awana club. If Awana Club wouldn’t have started, not only in our church but in many churches, many children wouldn’t have got an opportunity to know about Jesus. As we sow the seed in the field so will we sow the words of God in many places. Thanks a lot to Awana Club.    

Awana training in Nepal


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