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Awana International's Children-at-Risk Initiative and Moody Radio's Chris Fabry Live! partner together for live broadcasts the week of January 17, 2011.
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“Can you give me Jesus' mobile number?”

Eight year old Chancal smiles freely.  Laughs easily.  Is a charming child to engage in conversation.  There is nothing on her face that even hints at the agony of her few years.  Nothing to suggest she could be the poster child for children at risk.

Chancal lives in Nagpur, India—the geographic center of the country—at a place called Ashirwad Kanti.  It's a Christian ministry that reaches out to children just like Chancal, partnering with organizations like Awana International.
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Abused, Sold, then Abandoned—
(all by the age of Four)

Of the 19 boys in the room, Rohit was among the youngest, at just five years old. For our benefit, he bravely stood up and shared with us his story of life as the son of a prostitute. "My mother's name is Shanti," he began. "She wanted a daughter, not a son. But unfortunately, I was born" (his exact words). Read More

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