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Nobody Loves a Leper

Nobody Loves a Leper

Nobody Loves a Leper

In Jesus' day, it was the most dreaded disease imaginable.  Same in our day. Leprosy, we've now seen firsthand, is alive and deadly in Bangladesh, the world's most densely populated country.

For anyone who missed the Sunday School stories, leprosy's progressive symptoms include skin disorders, open sores, loss of feeling, loss of fingers, toes, then hands...even feet.  But worse than the physical suffering is the rejection these people feel.  In Bangladesh, victims of leprosy are immediately rejected by their communities, forced out of their own homes.  Loss of health, loss of income, loss of friends.  Leprosy is all about losing. 

“Nobody loves a leper,” we heard from one man.   He found himself at a hospital for lepers that's run by Christians.  A Buddhist, this man was given the best of care by followers of Christ.   During treatment, he met a woman at the hospital also suffering from leprosy.  The two fell in love and eventually married. 

Although the husband is missing fingers and is heavily scarred on his arm and abdomen, he and his wife are the parents of a healthy girl.  Now twelve years old, that girl attends an Awana club at a leprosy colony (also run by Christians) where the family resides.  The parents are happy to have their daughter learn the Bible verses and play the games.

It's just a circle scratched out in the powdery dirt.  But to watch the kids race around the plastic see the smiles on their faces as they sing songs about hear their voices heartily reciting Scripture....  It's a medicine all its own.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus went out of his way to touch the untouchables--lepers.
Two thousand years later, His followers are doing the same.

Powerful evidence that Someone, indeed, really does love lepers.

– Jon Gauger
from Chittagong, Bangladesh

Nobody Loves a Leper



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