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Ann Wambui's story

Parents start going to Church!

                                               ANN WAMBUI

Ann is a young girl who has just finished her primary education and looking forward into joining high school. She was a clubber in Awana at her church since she was a small girl in the flame club at her church in Kawangware slum.


Before she started participating fully in Awana, she used to come with her friend and stand aside while the other children were playing games together with their leaders, when it reached the time for team time and council time, she would leave her friend and go home because she used to think that was for little children. Still her friend did not give up on her, she continued persuading her to come to Awana and learn the word of God.


   Ann in black during camp                   Ann third from right during games

One Saturday she came and participated in the games and she saw that it was exciting! She started coming slowly, but during council time and team time, she would not participate in answering questions or even reading the Bible. She was taught the word of God by the leaders there and with time her life began changing. She started coming to Awana and participating in both games and even council time and team time, in council time she would read Bible verses and in team time she started memorizing scriptures and reciting them.

One day during council time, the leader was giving the word of the day and asked if any one wanted to give his or her life to Christ. The first two minutes no one lifted his or her hand up. When he asked again for the last time, Ann lifted up hers and said the she wanted to give her life to Christ because she would not like to spend her life in eternal punishment while her friends are experiencing eternal life. One of the leaders took her out and explained to her about salvation and what it meant to be a born again Christian and living your life to please God.


      Ann during team time                          Ann with fellow clubbers

It is then that she committed her life to Christ and promised to walk the Christian walk in her life. When she went back home she explained everything to her parents and they were excited about Jesus. They were so amazed that Ann’s parents started attending the church where Ann got saved in Awana.  Next was her sister who Ann invited to Awana to see what was happening there, she too was excited to see the games played there and the way leaders were cheering together with the clubber and we praise God she too decided to become a leader in Awana and went for training and now serving fully.


Ann 2nd from right grade mates                   1st from left with her teachers

We thank God for the life Ann and the impact the she brought made in the club because she went for her fast Awana camp and she was among the best campers and her leaders were proud of her. She says to other children and clubbers out there that Jesus loves them so much and they should always pray to Him and never give up for we are persuaded that nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord Romans 8:39b. May the Lord be with her together with her family as she waits to join high school.


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