Clubs Just Like Yours

God's timing...

is always the best timing.

In the beginning of this month we had Awana Games in Cherkassy city. We had to change the date because of parliament elections in our country. We had been praying for having the possibility to gather children because it is more difficult in winter time.

God blessed us. We spent wonderful time together. We rent the big sports complex in the center of city. There were 7 teams of Spark clubs, 14 teams of  Flame and 10 Torch teams. The total number of participants were 225. Besides Games we also had a lottery, then children listened to the Bible Story, pastor's appeal and some people showed tricks. It was very interesting. I could say that the Games were good organized because our team and volunteers did the great  job and we helped each other.

This year a new Drabivtsy club and one Chernobay club, that has just recently restarted their work,  participated in Awana Games.

Each year we can see that Awana events become happier, more joyful and better organized for us and children. I am so glad to see good united leader's teams when they work and serve children and each other in their clubs.

Praise the Lord for the opportunity to be the part of Awana Ministry.


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