Clubs Just Like Yours

Philip, a sad story...

with an eternal ending

Game Time in the Philippines

The story of Philip was shared to me by our Mindanao Missionary.  Philip was a 4 year old boy who really wanted to join a new club that started at a nearby orphanage in Bukidnon.

The people at this orphanage were trained at the SeedPlanters’ Conference last May and they implemented and started a club. But little Philip was so young and they didn’t want him to join them at first, but he kept on coming and joined the others in memorizing the verses.  Every time he came home he shared the verses with his mom and asked her to help him to memorize it.

One day Philip was sick and was diagnosed with Meningitis. Laying there in his bed he asked his mom to pray and receive Jesus.  The mom asked why -- he said because I am going to see Jesus.  So the mom did pray that day.  A few days after that Philip died. It was here that it was made clear to the mother why Philip wanted her to believe in Jesus.  She was thankful that Philip attended Awana and came to know the Lord Jesus.  Now there is an ongoing weekly Bible study at Philips house. Philip left -- yet the impact a 4 year old can make remained.


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