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Anup Tamang

Boy in Nepal experiences Jesus

Jaimashi! (greetings)

I am Anup Tamang, Son of Dorji and Sancha maya Tamang living in Bhutanese refugee camp (Beldangi-II) in Jhapa district in East Nepal.

I had been sick for 6 months. My parents took me to different hospital and doctors. After trying with many hospitals, they gave up and they were very discouraged. One day, one of my Christian friends invited me to go to Church (Agape church). I started attending the Awana club regularly and finally one day accepted Jesus as my personal savior.

Slowly, I found that my sickness was totally healed.  My life has been changed after accepting Jesus. I am five years old and I am a Christian. By seeing this great change in my life, my parents also started attending the Church. Now all of my family members accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior.


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