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Bidhya Gurung

Young clubber sees Father come to Jesus

My name is Bidhya Gurung. Now I am eleven years old. Since 2007, I have been attending Awana Club at Upasana Church. My interest was to play games, dance, sing songs, so the Awana Club was exactly matching according to my interest. In the beginning, I used to attend Awana just to dance in action songs and sing new songs.

However, later on I got opportunities to hear many stories from the Bible. I also began to memorize Bible verses. I did not have any hindrances from my family to go Awana Club. But, my father was extreme drunkard.

I continually prayed for my family. Due to extreme drunkenness, my father became angry. We all prayed for my father. At the same time, Uncle Abraham shared him about Lord Jesus Christ. He accepted Jesus as his personal savior and healed from his sickness and now, he is regularly attending the church. My mother also just two weeks ago accepted Lord Jesus as her personal savior.

My elder brother and sister have not yet received the gospel. Please pray for them.


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