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Two Brave Girls in Nepal

My name is Lalita Magar.

Lalita and Manita Magar with their Mother
Lalita and Manita Magar with their Mother

My name is Lalita Magar. Now, I am fourteen years old. I had been attending Awana club for six years. Two weeks after I first started attending I took my sister Manita with me to Sunday school. Since my parents were of a different religion and they did not like us going to church, they used to threaten us by using different methods.

I have three elder brothers and one elder sister. They used to rebuke and beat us to stop us from going to church. But we continued to attend the Awana club. I prayed for them for 6 years. Now God has answered my prayer. On August 2010, all my family members accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Now, we all are happy. Once again, I thank God for His love.

Reported by Lalita and Manita Magar, clubber of ELD Church, Bhutanese refugee camp, Khudunabari camp


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