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Brian's Letter from Egypt

Brian's Letter from Egypt

On Monday, January 24, I was on a plane leaving Cairo to return to the U.S. after a week-long stay in Alexandria. This was my first trip to Egypt and I was encouraged to hear how the people in this city were coming together after the great tragedy of the New Years Day bombing.

Before boarding the plane, I took time to pray with our team and to give thanks for how God is using them to make a difference in the lives of boys and girls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We were rejoicing over the plans we made to double the ministry in Egypt this year.

So much can change in days. The streets I just walked down are now filled with protesters. Stores are being looted. Soldiers in tanks occupy street corners. Over 150 people are dead.

We’ve received word from our missionaries that they are safe. They are remaining in their homes until the situation settles down. There is some concern about running out of food and water since store shelves are emptying and water and bread are no longer in distribution. But for now, they are okay.

This short note is to ask you to pray for our ministry friends and family in Egypt. We are called to lift up these brothers and sisters before the Lord. Pray for wisdom and strength through faith in the Lord. Pray for God’s will to be carried out and for the Lord to be honored.

The plans to train 100 leaders to start 50 new clubs are on hold for now. As soon as peace returns to Egypt, we want to reach the gospel to another 3000 children.

Right now we need your prayers more than anything else. Should God speak to your heart to give toward the Awana ministry in Egypt, you may make a donation by clicking here.

Until every child knows that Jesus loves them,

Brian Rhodes
Executive Director

Awana International



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