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Thank God we could start with the Awana club in 2008

Yolaida Vega, (Club director), San Luis Baptist church, Santiago de Cuba

Yoladia Vega

Thank God we could start with the Awana club in 2008. At the beginning the average attendance was 40 children. With Awana we have had a stable work and a deep teaching of the Scriptures. Right now we have from 90 to 95 children attending each club session, PRAISE THE LORD!

I want to share a testimony which has made an impact in my life and the church: A kid with behavior and learning problems attended our church, nobody wanted him in the class and he was not very welcome by the rest of the children. I started to work with him on the "Spark" booklet for beginners and then the handbook. Little by little, with God’s help, his behavior started to change to the point of being obvious to all. Once I visited his parents, I learned that his behavior at home had changed too and his parents wondered what was happening. This was a great opportunity to talk to them about the Lord. They started to attend church and to the glory of God, they are now being discipled. Awana ministry has made a tremendous impact on our children's ministry and it has also offered an opportunity for others to commit to serve God.


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