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Teenager prays for mother's well being

Clubber in Nepal

My name is Puspa Subba. I am thirteen years old. I only have a mother. My father married another mother and is away from us. He does not look after us and does not live in the refugee camp.

My mother and I are staying at my aunt’s house. My mother suffered from mental illness and I was always afraid. My mother does not recognize me and would roam around here and there. She had several treatments done, but my mother was not cured.  There is a church near my house and my friend Biran would go there. I joined Awana at the church and got to know Jesus.  That Jesus can heal all sicknesses.  I accepted Jesus as my Savior and I told my aunt about it, but she did not listen to me.  Even so, I took my mother to church and the pastor and other believers prayed for her.  My mother believed in Jesus and gradually she started experiencing some healing. It has now been four months and my mother is completely healed from madness. I thank my Jesus and all the believers for praying for my mother.

I enjoy going to the Awana Club and I tell my friends about Jesus and take them to Awana too.

Reported by Puspa Subba from Bhutanese refugee camp in Nepal


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