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Awana Slum Club

Delivered in the Dumps of Nepal

Clubber in Nepal slum
Club in Nepal slum

God has opened the door to reach the children at risk in Nepal.  This past year their very first Awana club in the slum was started.  The ministry is impacting the lives of the children in this unique way. Here are the testimonies of the Awana leader and parent from the Balkhu slum.

"The thing I enjoy the most in our church is attending Awana club meetings. The number of children has doubled within these five months. There were around forty five children when we started Awana and now we have around eighty children in the club.  There are 7-10 new children attending Awana every week.  The children are counting the days and are eagerly waiting to gather on Saturday morning. Now the children are more disciplined after starting Awana."

- Asha Pariyar, Awana Leader, Jagaran Church, Balkhu slum

"Now we don't have to go around in search of our children on Saturday morning because we know they go to Awana."

-One of the parents, Jagaran Church, Balkhu slum


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