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Conviction in Numbers

Seeds a plenty in Indonesia

Clubbers in Indonesia 

One person said when they got started, "I am going to start rounding up children who don’t attend Sunday school to make sure they come to Awana clubs.   They need the Lord too!"

A man was so taken back when he heard about how the character, morals, faith and so on of a child is begun so early in life.  He said, "...our church must get busy to make the effort to see that all the children are given lessons about doctrine and things they need to know to grow in the Lord.  Awana can really be a good tool to do this."

One lady said she was so impressed to learn about the need to disciple children when they are young to begin their walk with the Lord in the right way. "I am going to see to it that it happens in my church."

Another felt the burden for older children (high school), but when she realized how important it was to start early.  She said, "I have to change how  to minister directly with the young children so when they are  in high school they will be growing in the Lord and will even be able to minister to others." 


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