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Awana progam in Brazil

Clubbers in Brazil 

Awana Clubs in portuguese is called CLUBES OANSE and it stands for the same words from II Tim 2.15.  Most clubs here function on Saturday mornings or afternoons.  One of the reasons for that is because school is only a half day. Teen leaders usually work during the day and study in the evenings.  Another reason is that most children come to club on their own.  Older children may bring younger brothers and sisters while parents are working or busy at home.

During a regular club meeting we begin with the opening ceremony where we sing the country flag song, awana song and pledge to the bible.  After song time and bible story we have the book time.  (We do not have T&T clubs yet.  The club for 9-10 yr old boys and girls is FLAME and the club for 11-12 yr old boys and girls is TORCH.)  Then lastly the game time.  The kids love the games and there are always curious spectators watching since it is so different than the normal soccer games kids play outdoors.  Some of the differences of game time here are that the game circle is placed on ground and kids play outdoors barefooted. But they also play some of the same games you play like three-legged race, baton relay, tug of war, and bean bag relay.  The awards are a lot different.  They receive a sash with metal buttons as they memorize their sections.  Eighty percent of the kids that attend our clubs are non-church kids so we have many opportunities to reach out to their families.  However, much work is needed as well since many kids do not read and most parents do not give necessary help with sections.  We also have annual events like Bible Quizzing, Oanse Games and Oanse Camp. 


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