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That's a BIG thing for them!

Clubbers in Papua New Guinea memorizing scripture in English

Church in Papua New Guinea 
 Clubbers in Papua New Guinea

While in Papua New Guinea, we have visited the Awana club in our village church.  Kaula, the Awana leader, continues to faithfully teach the group of children she has had from the start.  After Kaula taught the Bible lesson, we asked the children to quote some of the Bible verses they have learned.  They popped up and down reciting verses from past lessons—some even in English—that’s a BIG thing for them—lots of extra work!  We were very happy to see that the memorization of Scripture was one of the priorities of their club!

After introducing “The Gospel Made Clear Around the World” flip chart to Kaula, we were invited back the next week to use the flip chart to see how well the children had comprehended the first two years’ Awana TruthSeekers Bible lessons.  Right away the clubbers were in awe of the colorful pictures—seeing some things for the first time in life-like form. Kaula asked the clubbers questions about each page, and we and Kaula were elated at how well the clubbers could answer the questions—with even additional details about the pictures from what they remembered being taught in their Bible lessons.  Kaula was beaming—she’s a very good teacher!   Most of the clubbers said they felt confident in sharing what they know about the gospel with others—what if they had the pictures in hand when sharing—just a dream?  We hope not!


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