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News from Awana Japan

Update from Awana church after the March 11th disasters

 Awana Church in Japan hit by March 11th disasters


We, Awana missionaries, are all safe. We are not in the afflicted area.

The Tokyo AwanaGames event was scheduled to be held today, but it was canceled. For the event, Satoru (Satoru Suzuki, Awana Missionary) was in Tokyo but he drove back safe from there.

One Awana church, Fukushina 1st Bible Baptist church is just in the afflicted area and the church is very close to the dangerous atomic power plants.


Pastor Sato, Fukushima 1st Baptist Church is requesting prayer.

Houses of church members were broken, families live close to the sea are missing. The church is very close to the atomic power plant causing severe accident. All people in the town were forced to escape.


1. Tired and sick people to be recover. Safety of the elder people.

2. No more radiation leak. People would be able to go back home, the gate of the church be opened and people praise and worship again there.


Pastor Sato, Fukushima 1st Bible Baptist, was in Tokyo last weekend. He could find 150 church members who were safe but 50-60 were still missing at the point of last night. He bought foods, socks and mobile rechargers as much as he could and drove back to his people last night.


What we can do?

I just came back from a meeting at church. We talked what and how we can help people in afflicted area.  We decide to collect following items and send to Christian organizations that have transportation ways to the area.  Foods, snacks, bottled water, medicines, blankets, warm clothes, flashlights, batteries, paper plates and cups, plastic wraps, garbage bags, dry shampoo, wet tissue, gloves, sanitary goods, baby formula, diaper for babies and elders, baby food.


A report from Pastor Sato of Fukushima 1st Bible Baptist.

He could meet his people at Aizu church 11am on 16th after 10 hours drive from Tokyo. They soon had worship there. That was the beginning of their nomadic journey. He couldn’t say a word to answer “I have NOTHING to wash”. Some had not eaten for 3 days. Tomorrow, they are going move to Yonezawa church 65 miles away from home. They don’t know when they are able to go back home. Psalm121 - please continue to pray for them.

April 7, 2011

Masami Egawa (wife of Katsumi Egawa, Awana missionary in Japan) is going to stay at an evacuation center as a nurse for a week from April 20.

Masami is going to stay at an evacuation center as a nurse for a week from April 20. It is in Minami-Souma city 45km from the atomic-power plant with lot of problems.  Please pray for the affected people by the earthquake, tsunami and radiation.  They are getting emotionally stressed. Pray for Masami and the medical team, they will be able to do good care and show God's love.  Safe from radiation, too.


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