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They don't want to miss it!

Clubbers in Ukraine don't want to miss Awana club time

 Club time in Ukraine

This time I would like to share with you a thank you letter from a club of my region.

Thank you very much for your prayers and financial support of our Awana Ministry. In our village, Sokolovka, there are a lot of children who want to attend Awana club.  Our club is in the village and many children have to help their parents in the gardens and farms.

But every time we meet them they always ask when next Awana meet will be because they don’t want to miss it. We have been praying  for their non-Christian parents that they let their kids to attend the club.

Also we thank God in our prayers that we have found the place for having Awana meets. We are very glad that children in our village want to know more about the Good News.

From our part we do all our best to reach these children and to do our ministry more and more fruitful.


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