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They attend club every single week

Awana leaders in Ukraine encouraged

Clubbers in Ukraine 
 Clubbers in Ukraine

Last month I have visited Baryshev city. This summer I did the Presentation for them and in October they started Awana club in their church. This church has just being built.  They have the project that has done in American style. They have their Awana meets in the church building, just move chairs and play Awana games. At first, it was very hard for leaders to start the club but because of insistence of one pastor from a sister church, Awana ministry has been started there. At the first meet they had 16 children. Leaders told me that in their club there are 3 clubbers who have non-Christian families who live in another village that is 15 km from their village but they attend the club every single week. It is big encouragement for the leaders. All leaders of Baryshev club are adults who also have their own families and they are looking for the youth who would like to keep the Awana ministry going there for reaching more and more girls and boys who live without Christ.


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