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Babu Bhushan, Awana missionary India, and his family
Babu Bhushan, Awana missionary India, and his family

Track & Field Star's Story

Ranked 8th in all of India.  Former cyclist gives testimony and shares prayer request.

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus and I am very happy to share my testimony with you. As you read it I pray that the Lord may richly bless you and your ministry.

I am born and brought up in the Christian family. My father was working in the Rail way department. He was called by the Lord for the ministry and so he gave the voluntary retirement and came to the full time ministry. He started doing Pastoral ministry. My mother was attending in the ministry. I have one younger sister. I grew up in the fear of the Lord. I use to regularly attend Sunday school and actively participate in all the activities.

But during the times of my college I was not able to live a Christian life. My parents prayed a lot for me. In the year 1996 I was studying in Aeronautical engineering. They gave an opportunity for training in the Air Force (NCC) and I need to go to Chandigarh by flight. But I was given the duty of carrying the luggage from one airport station to the other and my senior officer gave me some work in the office. So I could not attend the Air Force training and I was disappointed. But later I came to know that the flight got crashed and some who were in the flight to go for the training died. Then I acknowledged that the Lord has a plan for my life and he saved me from the danger of death. From then I began to trust in the guidance of the Lord. I once attended a crusade meeting at Hyderabad in the year 1997. There I dedicated my life to the Lord. I gave my life to Christ. Even I gave my life for the ministry of Jesus Christ. I went to the theological seminary to be equipped as a workman approved unto the Lord. Gradually I got in to the ministry and the Lord has used me in many ways and has been using me.

Therefore please do pray for me and the ministry that the Lord may bless me and use me according to His plans and purposes. Let me be controlled in His ways and do His will.

Thank you.


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