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Leader and clubber in India 

Through the Awana ministry children are getting more A's.

Jyoti Maya Rai, Bethel Church

I have experienced many blessings.  The kids were very disobedient to pastors and leaders.  But in this few months their behavior are changed, they are regular and loyal to pastors and leaders.

Kids were very disobedient and from your support we are able to show them God's kingdom.  Today they are totally changed and I hope I can do better in coming days.

Monika Subba, Big Life Church

Won the hearts of children.  Many new kids are joining Awana club.  Helping them to memorize bible verses.

Pramila Tamang, Evang. Church

Many new kids are coming to the Lords kingdom.  They attend club regularly every week.  They are more eager to learn the bible stories and verses.  We are trying to bring unity and love among the kids.

Purnima Gurung, Damchu Fellowship

Our kids are enjoying and are very regular in the club.

Zangmo Sherma, Agape Fellowship

The number of kids are increasing and I am able to teach them words of God in an easy way and make them more active through games.  I help them learn to memorize verses and council them.


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